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Americans cruise to Walker Cup victory

The United States regained the Walker Cup after comprehensively beating Great Britain and Ireland 17-9 on Long Island.

Resuming 8-4 ahead after the opening day, the USA consolidated their position by sharing the morning foursomes 2-2 and needing only three-and-a half points from the 10 afternoon singles matches, the contest was wrapped up when Nathan Smith held off Nathan Kimsey in match five.


To Golf Training Aids Direct, your number 1 destination for everything you need to improve your game. We have put together some of the best physical products as well as courses and more with only two things in mind….reducing you handicap and improving your game.

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Golf training aids

No matter whether you play golf for fun or are really serious, chances are you probably do want to get better. With this in mind then golf training aids can be a great help. These can come in the form of physical aids or practical courses.

We have a number of actual devices and these come from all over the world and one have even been developed by world renowned golfer Phil Mickelson. So for that one, if it is your putting you are looking to improve, then check out Phils Putting Tutor kit.

Golf training aids are the best way to help you improve your handicap and help you get the most out of your game.

Golf training aids

We have spent a huge amount of time looking for the best aids and programs to help you get the very very best out of your golfing experience. We can help you drive straighter and longer, help you read greens more easily and whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll be a major winner overnight, we 100% know all of these packages and devices will help you A LOT!.

So if you want to turn a double bogey into a bogey, or if you want to turn a bogey into a par or maybe you are looking to break par for the whole course, we are convinced that we will have something that will do the job for you.

Do remember that not all golf training aids are created equally. All our products are top quality, sourced from around the world and all are fully guaranteed. So if you are buying from us, you have nothing to worry about. Well perhaps just one worry. Who is going to play with you when you improve your game to such a standard that you are constantly beating everyone else.

On a serious note. We know how important golf probably is to you, so we also really treat the subject just as seriously. Also please check out our links section for related products / information.

A final note. Should you not find absolutely everything you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us either via our online form or direct by email and we will aim to do everything we can to help you out.

Enjoy the site, enjoy your golf and most of all enjoy the new level of play you are going to achieve with this sites help.

Golf training aids

Golf training aids